FIM Cranes & Service is excited to offer crane operator and rigging training to further satisfy our customers. We are proud to be recognized by the NCCCO as a certified training facility. We include a pre-test, hands on evaluation of operator skills and inspection knowledge along with a final exam certifying your operators to OSHA, ASME, ANSI, and API standards.

Generally, training programs for overhead cranes teach operators about operation limitations, the risks of overloading the crane, how to properly perform both pre-operation and post-operation inspections, rigging principles and how to best minimize the risk of accidents. At FIM, the training course that deals with overhead cranes will also overlap to cover a few other applicable courses. This includes: overhead bridge cranes, underhung cranes, jib cranes, and rail mounted cranes. This is important as those who deal with overhead cranes will also often have to work with these as well.

The cross training, and all the training in general, is highly important. Using these overhead cranes is a dangerous job; you are up in the air and also working with many heavy or dangerous items, and understanding not only how the cranes work but also the safest ways to manipulate them is a must. Once you have received the proper training and understand the safety hazards regarding operating overhead cranes, you will be ready to take on the daily challenges that come with overhead crane operations.

Trainer: Jimmy Peters
Certified by: CICB (Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau)
Trainer Completion#: TTT-15-0626-1455
Issued: 06/26/15
Expires: 06/25/2017

Training Outline PDF

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“FIM CRANES & SERVICE  fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).”

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