monorail1 (1)Monorail systems are a budget friendly choice for lifting and transporting products along a fixed path allowing for great layout flexibility.

A monorail is a single beam system that can be straight or curved sections of beam or track. On monorail systems, the hoist/trolley rides on the lower flange of the beam or track.

FIM Cranes & Service provide monorail systems with manual operations and fully motorized setups.


Ceiling-Mounted Monorail Systems

Require no floor space for support columns. The monorail tracks are:

– Flush-mounted parallel to ceiling beams, or

– Cross-mounted to ceiling beams.

monorail2 (1)Freestanding Monorail Systems Provide permanently installed monorail systems over long spans where there are no existing structures for mounting. Freestanding monorail configurations include:

– Cantilevered Systems,

– H-frame systems,

– T-frame systems, ideal for parallel, send & return, monorail lines. Overview – Most commonly used in light duty applications: paint lines, production processes, loading docks, and waste water treatment plants.

– Floor supported monorails are available if your building structure does not support the monorail system. – Single beams allow for straight or curved sections for more flexibility.

– Interlocks and/or switches are common with monorail crane systems to easily move from one system to the next.

– Ideal for warehouse-to-warehouse transfer.

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